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Primo Smallgoods was a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant (NPC) and has been invited to become a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). Primo Smallgoods is a brandowner, a member of the packaging supply chain and as a signatory to the Covenant is required to submit an Action Plan for the period 2010 – 2015 and ongoing Annual Reports. The purpose of the Action Plan is to show how Primo Smallgoods intends to contribute to the achievement of the Covenant’s goals and to meet its obligations under the Covenant. The three main performance goals of the
Covenant are:

1. Design – Optimise packaging to use resources efficiently and reduce environmental impact without compromising product quality and safety

2. Recycling – Efficiently collect and recycle packaging

3. Product Stewardship – Demonstrate commitment of all signatories Earlier in the year Primo Smallgoods stakeholders met with its third party external consultant and participated in a workshop to review the requirements of the APC. As part of this review the stakeholders were taken through a 28 question questionnaire based on APC documentation and attendance at APC Workshops. The results of this review are documented in the Action Plan and the actions arising from this review are summarised in the Action Plan Table. Primo Smallgoods has carried out a preliminary review of the skills required to meet the requirements of the Australian Packaging Covenant. We have identified the key departments required to have input and will create a team to work on this key project as part of our ongoing efforts to address packaging. This Action Plan is to be followed up by regular meetings of the APC Team where we will continue to address the issues raised throughout the Plan. The Team will endeavour to facilitate a timely implementation of the Action Plan and will ensure data is stored in an auditable manner in a centrallised APC audit database.

Mr. Sanath Nanayakkara, General Manager – Quality Assurance, is responsible for Primo Smallgoods’ commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant. He reports directly to the Managing Director, Mr. Paul Lederer on all issues relating to the Covenant. This Action Plan has been endorsed by the Mr. Lederer.

PRIMO SMALLGOODS Australian Packaging Covement (APC) 2010-2015 ACTION PLAN